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PointX is the easiest way to save any location and get back to it with a snap of a photo. You can save any location,and find it again even if there is no map, no address or cell service available. You can also share your location with friends to find you, even in areas where there’s no map or address available. Additionally, our Nearby feature allows you to instantly locate and walk to any business near you when maps can’t get you there. Our import photo feature enables you to revisit the pictured location, or share it with a friend to visit, even if the photo was taken in remote areas where there is no map or cell service available. Now you can also add any TrackerX™ GPS device that easily integrates with your app to track your car, bike, luggage, purse, and other property.


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Featured in Tech:
This Tech helps you to find your lost stuff.

"..This falls in the 'Why didn't I think of that?!' category."
This Tech helps you to find your lost stuff
By Marc Saltzman.


  • Sign-in to access the saved locations created from your phone
  • Create new Photo Locations and access them on your phone
  • Real time tracking of your TrackerX devices on the web

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